Sunday, April 21, 2013

Burger 4.5 (버거 4.5)

Burger 4.5
If you come out of exit 8 in Hongdae, turn right, and walk until you reach the roundabout you'll spot a tiny brown building, plain white letters. This little burger joint, known simply as Burger 4.5, serves up a very small, but tasty menu, specializing in delicious and beautiful burgers.

The menu
The space inside is very small. Three tables, each seating four, can make Burger 4.5 a crowded place, but if you go in the middle of the day, like my friends and I did, you'll have no problems nabbing a spot to sit and mow down.

Offering only four various types of burgers (three when I went, as the Caesar No.5 was sold out), it won't take you long to make your choice.

The New Standard, burger number one, is your typical cheeseburger. Served on a soft, tasty bun with your standard (see what they did there?) lettuce, tomato, onion cucumber and cheese, burger number one is a safe and solid bet to kill your hunger.

The New Standard
If you prefer something a little less... standard, burger number three, the Red Rocket Burger, might just be your jam. With rucola, onion and a special spicy sauce that is extremely flavorful, the Red Rocket is my suggestion. Add some fries, either regular or crispy (which simply means seasoned), and you've got yourself a meal.

Red Rocket Burger
Crispy (Seasoned fries)
The burgers come in two sizes, but spend the extra ₩500 for little bigger patty. You can throw on a little bacon, or cheese for a little extra as well. If you're thirsty, they've got cans of soda or nice foreign brews.

With so many burger joints in Hongdae, what stands out about Burger 4.5 is they small, but well crafted menu. As you'd expect from a little place like this in Hongdae, it's hip, cool, and they've got Biggie blaring on their iPod radio. It well priced, the guy making your burgers is friendly and speaks English, and damn is it tasty.

Burger 4.5
마포구 서교동 330-18, 서울특별시

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