Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Monster Pizza

Maybe you've eaten Monster Pizza before, but you don't remember it. Not because it wasn't delicious, actually quite the contrary, but because you were wasted. Located in Hongdae, Monster Pizza is a hit with the party crowd on the weekends. In the day time it's full of young college-age Koreans grabbing a slice with their friends. At night it's usually full of foreigners with their mind set on one thing--the best pizza one can buy, and it's open into the wee hours of the night!

With only three types of pizza, Monster focuses on getting massive slices of cheesy pizza into the hands of their hungry customers with little frills. It can get crowded inside, as the seating can't accommodate more than twelve or fifteen people, but that won't stop people from crowding in and eagerly awaiting a piece of pie.

Your pizza choices are simple--Cheese, Pepperoni, or Spice Girl's. The Pepperoni is easily your best choice. Lots of slices of pepperoni, stringy, hot cheese, and some of the best crust you'll ever taste make this easily the most delicious slice on the menu.

Pepperoni with parmesan 

The Spice Girl's is great as well. Topped, albeit sparingly, with ham, jalapeños, cheese and black olives, this is a great alternative to the Pepperoni if the Cheese is too plain for your tastes. Cover it with parmesan cheese or get yourself some garlic dipping sauce to make it even better.

Spice Girl's

A slice will set you back only ₩3,500 and a full pie ₩18,000. The slices are pretty big, a sixth of a full pizza. Good luck trying to eat more than two slices on your own.

Full Pepperoni
Grab a cold beer or a can of Pepsi or Cider to wash down the best pizza you my ever eat. I've eaten Mr. Pizza, had Brick Oven New York Pizza in Gangnam, and as much as I love myself some Pizza School, nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to Monster Pizza. It is truly the pizza to end all pizzas!

Address - Wowsan 73, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Phone # - 02-334-0322

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